Saturday, October 29, 2011

A story for the ages...

Hey guys,

First of all since I am a loyal St. Louis girl, I have to give a shout out to my Cardinals. Way to play boys. Also, I owe my husband an enormous apology after I made him turn off the T.V and come to bed while game 6 was on. Little did I know that it was the game of a lifetime. I kindly told him the next time I am acting a fool to just put me in my place. Needless to say the next morning finding out who won the game was exciting and also a huge relief. Last night watching the Cards win the Series, was exhilarating and definitely made me miss home. It was amazing to see how the world literally stops and are given a chance even if it is only for a couple of hours, to take a trip back to childhood. The gleefull anticipation of your hometown team potentially winning the World Series. The flashback to playing baseball in the front yard while you imagine this scenario..." Bottom of the ninth, bases are loaded,  two outs, fly ball to the left field, and he's out of there. The crowd goes wild!!" Watching the Cardinals win I saw an entire team turn into little boys, jumping up and down and piling one on top of the other in celebration. It's the American dream coming to fruition and I watched it on live T.V in a tiny town in Central America. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I watched as my two year old, my husband and my father- in -law sat on the edge of their seats, three generations brought together and all sharing a common bond, by something as simple and organic as baseball. I saw what a little faith can do. Just a few thousand people aka Cardinals fans with a little bit of faith in one team, gave them the strength and confidence they needed to win the World Series. It's a story for the ages, hometown boy, playing for his hometown team, hit's game winning homer to save the Series Title.  Love it. Feeling a bit nostalgic today...can you tell? I am just a proud girl from the heartland of America, who's baseball team just won the World Series,  letting whoever is reading this know that I still believe now more than ever that dreams still come true, and perseverance truly does pay off.

The boys watching the game, and saluting for reasons unbeknown to me.

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