Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Me Encanta!

Hello all...

I have just sat down at the kitchen table with the most delicious cup of costa rican cafe` con leche y asucar.Trust me, it sounds as good as it tastes. Charlie is napping not suprising, seeing as he wakes up at 6am and is bouncing off the walls until we leave for school at 0745. His teacher is truly earning her $ with Charlie joining the class. Which brings me to the subject of escuela. We have learned in the short time that he as been in an organized classroom setting, that A. He needs to work on listening. HA. B. He eats a lot...seriousl,y I sent him a huge bagel and cream cheese for a mid morning snack, and the teacher said he was still hungry. Geez, the kid is a living breathing garbage disposal. Did I mention that the mid morning snack is at 9 and he eats at least three times before we leave the house? My favorite part about school so far, is that when I go in to pick him up, the kids yell "Charlie! Your Mommy is here!" It's adorable that all 10 of them know me already. As for the atmosphere in school, its so incredibly different than that of a school in the states. Just the other day when I went to observe. I was outside watching Charlie, when a huge Iguana climbed onto one of the trees and was pooping on the concrete around the outside of the play area. One of the little gringa girls says in English "EWW the iguana is pooping." then a little Spanish speaking boy comes up to her and in spanish says. "Cuidado, chicos and went on to explain the Ca ca situation. To my amazement that little girl who was maybe 5, switched over to the most clear Spanish I have ever heard. Impressive. Not so impressive to my sons Spanish repertoire he now has the addition of "ca ca" to his ever expanding Spanish vocabulary. Super! In other news, today was picture day, o my goodness was my kiddo cute in his little uniform, made me smile. I being the awesome mom that I am forgot to take a picture...I'll just take a picture of my guy in his little uniform tomorrow before he goes to school. So you can see for yourselves how adorable he is. Also, while I'm on the subject of adorable... Charlie's little camo rubber boots have been added to the lineup of boots outside the classroom. I'm not kidding it's precious.

Mom after talking to you this morning I thought I should include this... I met a Man his name is Hector. Me Encanta! It does not matter that he is gay, because the work he did with his hands today on my frock of hair was nothing short of amazing. I think Donny loves him too because he made me look pretty, and I'm convinced that my husband likes when I look pretty. 7 inches later I am a new woman. Seriously I have been a notorious hair stylist whore for years. I am now ready to settle down with Hector. Anyone who really needs a good stylist, it's well worth the $20 for a shampoo, cut and style! Mom, skype me tonight, and I'll show off my new hairdo.

Bought the new Mat Kearney album, its amazing. Highly recommend it, I have had it on replay at the shop while getting it ready for the grand opening. That's all for now folks... I have included a beach pic of my girl Evie, on a little Sunday romp on the beach.

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