Monday, October 17, 2011

Small Space Idea...Think shelves.

I know, it's been way too long...but I have a great excuse I have just returned from the states and a mini vacation of sorts. Mainly, I shopped till I dropped at the most awesome outlet mall in the world. It was a great trip overall. Charlie was a champ, and even managed to fall asleep in a shopping cart while wearing soccer goalie gloves and holding a basketball. After all... a sugar buzz can only last so long.

Today, I finally hung the 12x1in shelves and brackets that have been patiently awaiting my time and attention. For those of you with small spaces, I have to say that shelves may be the cheapest and most simple way to visually expand your space while allowing you to add some pleasing aesthetic elements.  I chose to hang four 12x1 boards on a basic metal black brackets, you can really have fun with brackets as there are tons of really cool ones I have found...Lowes had a good selection when I looked last. I chose to  leave them unfinished, however you could get funky and play on colors if you wanted to. I personally like the way the black contrasts with the light wood. Also you will see in the picture you can measure the chest height from any reasonably sized chair and hang the lowest shelf at this height, making this double as a small office/work/blogging place. Thank you Donny for being my handy man for the day:) So here is a look at the finished product.

As you can see... there are no rules here. I just really like using everyday things that aren't necessarily for "decorating" but are simply things that I like to look at. I guess it's that simple.I chose to use Charlies blocks from when he was a baby, my bracelet as a candle holder,  the high-top converse to add interest. It can be so much fun and it takes very little effort. I also love chalk-boards I will show you pictures of my new project later this week. I have a recipe for chalk-board paint thanks to my sis in-law and a way to customize any space with this simple fix. Just thinking about it makes me happy. I am that lame.

I couldn't post without sharing a pic or two of my man Charlie, he is growing so fast. Have a great week everyone.

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  1. Brooke you never cease to amaze me, I am so proud of you, love the shelves, especially the high top shoes..what a gift girl!! Charlie looks like a different child in those pictures. Wow, can't get over it...Anyway I am proud of you, keep the blogs coming..God bless and love you always