Saturday, September 3, 2011

My New Normal.

Hola Everyone, I know you are all shocked that I have managed to get two blogs out in the same week. Aren't I just a productive pants these days. Looks like the siesta's are working. I have decided that in this blog I would highlight things that are perfectly normal here and well... lets just say they might be a little unorthodox to most people I know.  Let's get started shall we...

1. Riding your bike with a small child in the front basket.
2. Treating your beach cruiser like a mini van. Seriously, the other day we saw an entire family of four on one bike. Dad was doing the peddling, mom was holding baby and the little boy was behind mom. Straight up talent right there folks.
3. Taking your dog everywhere. We saw a couple with their dog on a dirt-bike. The dog was riding with front and back paws hanging over and belly down on the back seat. This was not a small dog I might add. I could not get a picture as it was raining too hard.
4. Wearing your bikini into the grocery store.
5. Gold chains are back and in full force here.
6. Getting to first base just upon meeting someone. Seriously everyone kisses you it's no big deal, unless of course your a germ-a-phob.
7. At any given time you may be delighted to to see a combo store, my husband and I enjoy these a great deal, it's when you find a place that has dual or even multifunctional purposes. For Example, you may have a soda y zapata repair shop. After all who doesn't like to have a bite to eat AND get their shoes fixed, duh it makes total sense.
8. Holiday's are very common and everyone gets off school or work for these days. Example, we have had three holidays since being here, Guanacaste day, Mothers Day, and some other holiday that I honestly didn't take the time to remember. This Friday is yet another holiday and we are comming up on Costa Rica's independence day. I am actually quite excited about this, but only because my son is going to be in the parade here in town with his school.
9. Eggs are not believed to necessitate refrigeration. ( I don't follow this rule)
10.Everything will be done later or tomorrow just not now, and with no sense of urgency.

In other news...the restaurant is doing well and we are up and running for breakfast, my cinnamon rolls are a hit. I am finding myself making at leat a few batches a week. It's great for business and not so great for my waistline. We can't seem to predict when people will be hungry but they tend to come in herds when they do come. It's the one thing that reminds me of the ER, feast or famine ya'll. Shout out to my Nurse pals I am missing you guys something fierce. Did I ever mention that I ran into Dr. Ullery in line at the airport when we were on our way to Costa Rica? Crazy right? 

Charlie has been great this week, but that could be because he went to school all full days this week. So proud of my man. It's not easy being the youngest kid in the whole school. Who really wants to poop in their pants in front of their peeps, it takes away all your street cred, for real. I took some time to observe my little piece of genetic offspring the other day. This is what ensued, he marched around his toys and proceeded to say the word "mine" at least 15 times consecutively and I'm being conservative. Also he changes at least 4 times a day, but he won't wear what I choose. He has to pick it out. You can only imagine the tantrums that result because of this. Today he wanted to wear his soccer cleats, but we have ceramic tile floor so this combination usually results in lots of falling and it's not good . Needless to say I have hidden the soccer cleats for now. I'll break them out when I find him a team to play on. 

That's all I have for now. Love.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Good the Bad and the Day to Day.

Holy cow have we been busy lately, hence the lapse in time from the last blog post. My bad. No excuse other than the fact that we have been working, playing and meeting so many new people I feel like I need clone just to process all of the new information. Any way...I guess I begin with my canine counterpart Evie, my black lab. My little lover girl has a man friend who lives across the street. His name is Chewey, he's a golden doodle and a bit of a grump. He stays in our yard guarding it without prompting or reward and even barks at Donny when he leaves, which makes me giggle a lot. I'm pretty sure he just does it to be cavelier. Maybe that's what she likes about him. When I call her to come in at night he walks her all the way to the door, waiting for the invitation to come in, usually to no avail but hey whatever works right? They do say that persistence pays off don't they?  He is a bit dramatic, sometimes he stands in the middle of the road and refuses to move, I ususlly end up talking him down and de-escelating the situation telling him that "suicide isn't the answer and things will get better." he usually ends up moving out of the way with no sense of urgency what-so-ever. See my nursing training did me some good. Chewey and Evie are a super cute couple, I will most definately need to post some pics of this pairing.
Next order of business is Charlie, he has been doing really well you know as well as a two year old with his countless emotional breakdowns, anorexic tendencies, and throwing himself onto a tile floor at the mere mention of the word "NO" can be. But seriously he is awesome and loves a party, no kidding. I showed up to school the other day and there was a Karoke bus parked with the bass bumpin to some killer Miley Cyrus tunes. I'm telling you they really know how to get down. He loves to dance. It's pretty cute.
On another note, I think he inherited my clumsiness, his teacher sent him home the other day with outfit # 3, #1 was a victim of the blueberry and granola combo think lots of fiber and a really good cleansing of the colorectal system. # 2 he managed to fall sliding at least 2 feet in the mud covering his entire outfit in good ol Costa Rican mud. I used bleach and peroxide but those clothes are DONE with a capitol D. I don't understand why they don't make special clothes for toddlers, espically boys, out of the same matieral as those washable bibs. Just wipe em off.
We are meeting so many interesting new people, it's lots of fun. So far we have a couple of Texan friends, A man from Alaska who hunts things, carries guns and is friends with Ted Nuget. A group of kids from Seattle, one of whom is getting ready to stard Med-school, so I got to talk using medical jargon, it was kind of nice. A lady from Turkey who likes my Empanadas, and a bunch of Highshool teachers from Germany who can't get enough of my Banana pancakes. Just to name a few.
I took a two hour nap today, I have not done this in a long time. It was well deserved and much needed. I am thinking about making the siesta a staple in daily life. I guess that one of the perks of being my own boss.
In other news...
Currently reading a book called Breakthrough Prayer, by Jim Cymbala great read so far.
I got donny hooked on espresso, for those of you who know my husband this is a big deal.

Just a few pics of us around the shop and Charlie playing at McDonalds.