Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hey guys,
I realize now that 1. I do not know nearly as much spanish as I initially led myself to believe. 2. I am secretly jealous of my husband and his fluent spanish speaking skills. Don't get me wrong it's super sexy, but I want to speak beautiful fluent spanish and be the best one at it. That's the five year old in me talking. Lately I have been venturing out and doing a lot more, with this I need to be able to talk a whole lot more. As you can seen this poses a bit of a problem. Anyway, the major issue came tonight when I asked the lady at La Soda de Garbito, "que es eso?" she responded, "papas" I was at a loss here because I was commited at this point she thought I wanted the potatoes and I didn't have the words to explain that, I just wanted to know what it was, I didn't want it on my plate...Needless to say I ended up with potatoes on my plate for dinner. Also, Donny has purposed it in his heard to no longer translate for me so I'm pretty much on my own these days. BOO.

Moving on, today was our anniversary, to celebrate we went to the beach for a little surf session, and then went to one of our favorite Sodas. Donny said it himself, best anniversary ever! It was in fact pretty awesome. I sometimes have to really stop and think...This is where I get to live? This is what I get to do on a thursday afternoon? Thank you God, I know that I am so blessed. 

We are thinking about starting breakfast at the restaurant, so I have been attempting to perfect a cinnamon roll recipe. I have a whole new appreciation for bakers, and chefs. Seriously, its insane the amount of patience and precise measuring that goes into every bite of deliciousness. Give me a 300lb lady on dialysis with no veins complaining of Chest pain and had Rapid A-fib with RVR and I could probably get the iv's started, monitor, ekg and meds in the time it takes me to get the flippin yeast and water dissolved. irritating to say the least. grrr. Anyway I have rolls attempting to rise as we speak. I am impatient, this is very difficulty for me.

I have some pics from the beach today. Hope you like em.

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