Friday, July 22, 2011

Goodbye STL...Hello Costa Rica!!!

Well it's been a while since my last post. With that said, let me fill you in on the little bits of life that have happened this past year. Geez, its been a year? Really? Alright hold on tight because this is a lot and I believe list form most suits this rant, so here we go...
Bought and built a new home.
Moved into new house
Bought a restaurant in Jaco Costa Rica.
Quit my job as an RN.
Moved out of new house.
Moving to home in Costa Rica .
As if that's not more than enough, I'm ready to start taking pictures again. I never realized how much I loved it until I recently began looking through old photo shoot pictures. It brought so much joy to my life. I think you are right Shefi, the backdrops are a lot more impressive in Costa Rica :) So I guess this post is more of a "stay tuned"so stay tuned, and hopefully I will have some super cool pics post to this little blog. Love ya'll. To my family... I love you and were going to be some skyping maniacs, so save the tears for something truly sad:)